Table Mountain – Robben Island – The Cape Wheel – Vineyards – Safari

With so much to do in Cape Town and so little time, it was a squeeze fitting everything in! I’ve always wanted to go to Cape Town and see what its all about, whilst listening to that lovely South African accent from passers by.

My first impression of Cape Town was not what i expected.. After getting in a car straight from the airport and hitting the motorway, instantly you see the poverty struck areas. With miles and miles of shack ‘houses’ lining the sides of the motorways, you almost don’t know where to look. Although this may not be what you want to hear whilst planning for your upcoming trip to Cape Town, it’s important to know and be aware of. If voluntary work in South Africa is something you are interested in, head on over to my post about my time in Grabouw to see what I got up to. My trip into Cape Town was straight after my time in Grabouw.

So, Table Mountain? Top of anyone’s list when going to Cape Town, right? Well, top of my list anyway. Which is why it was such a pity that it was such a foggy day we were unable to get right to the top! Nevertheless we were able to drive about half way up the mountain, get out the car and still see some magnificent views. This being said, I still tell people that I’ve been to the top of Table Mountain… A little white lie never hurt anyone. 100% recommendable.

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Robben Island – Wow. What an incredible experience and honour to say that I’ve visited Robben Island, and not only this, but that our tour guide around the Island was a former prisoner at the same time as Nelson Mandela. For those that don’t know about Robben Island, its a small Island where Nelson Mandela served 18 of his 27years in prison. Not only this but it was home to a hospital, mental institution and military base. Oh, and penguins! Our Robben Island tour was definitely one of my favourite trips in South Africa as I learnt and saw so much, which in all  honestly I would probably still not know to date, if I hadn’t visited Robben Island.

Aquila Safari – Okay, maybe this was my favourite! (I think I just loved my whole trip in South Africa!) I have always wanted to do an African Safari Trip, and I was not disappointed! It was so fantastic, and I wish I could do it all over again. We used Aquila Safari for our trip which is based in the Southern Karroo, and they were awesome. Our day started off with a buffet breakfast (leading them straight into my good books…) before we headed out in the Jeep with our tour guide. The reserve is over 10,000 hectares and is home to the ‘5 legends of the wilderness’… Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard & Rhino. Not only did we see the 5 legends, but also many other animals. Our tour guide was amazing at telling us facts about each and every animal and getting so close we could almost touch them! (Very scary when by the lions and he is beeping the horn and trying to get them to wake up and come over!) The most incredible part out of the whole day was meeting the giraffes, our tour guide let us get out of the Jeep (Shh.. Don’t tell his boss!) and walk alongside the giraffes. So brilliant and something I will never forget, they are a fascinating animal! 10/10 for the whole experience with Aquila Safari. A day I will always remember!

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So just a few of my incredible experiences in Cape Town! As I said, we had a lot to fit in to a short amount of time! As well as all of the above we always went on the Cape Wheel, which was pretty cool, you get an amazing view over Cape Town. And visited a Vineyard for wine tasting.. Always a brilliant day. Would you like to hear more about my trip to Cape Town? I would be happy to do another blog about any of the above in more detail. Have you ever been on a Safari? Or to Robben Island? Tell me what you thought!

For now that’ll be all, hope you enjoyed the read!

Rosie xo