“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn


June 2013 – my BFF’s 21st in Paris … What could go wrong?

As a matter of fact, nothing went wrong! It was an amazing week away with my two closest friends.

When I was a kid we used to visit the South of France on family holidays every year, because of this I always felt like France was boring, and that i’d been to France before. Wrong. France is not boring. And yes, I have been to France many times before, but I can’t really count going as a 9year old as a travel experience that I truly remember.

So we started our holiday in La Rochelle staying in a beautiful house that my friends parents had treated us to as part of her birthday present. What a treat that was!

paris 11
In our cute little outdoor patio area

After relaxing, eating and drinking lots in La Rochelle it was time to head to Paris, and to what we were all most excited for… DISNEYLAND PARIS!

We dropped our bags of at the IBIS hotel we were staying at, and swiftly left ready to explore… It wasn’t the nicest IBIS.

21? More like 12! Disneyland Paris was so so amazing! You don’t have to be a kid to go to Disneyland and enjoy it and enjoy the rides, in fact some of the rides were actually pretty scary. (Tower of Terror!) I was all eyes at Disneyland spotting all the characters and then getting very over excited, running over for a cuddle and photo.

As well as being big kids at Disneyland, we were also top tourists visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. We queued for a good few hours until finally being able to go up the Eiffel Tower, took a good few selfies, then the novelty wore off and we got cold and hungry. Typical.Back down we went, and off we went to find some food.

The story is pretty similar when visiting the Louvre. Again, we queued for hours to get in, at first we were loving the Artwork and trying to be in intellectual viewing all the artwork. We even saw The Mona Lisa! (swamped by hundreds of tourists trying to get photos!) – But after a few hours, it was time to leave and find ourselves a nice bar. And that we did.

So we done our research on Google to find some cheap drinks (Uni students, don’t judge!) and found out it was ‘Ladies Night’ at Queen nightclub on the Champs Eylsees. SCORE!

Strutting our stuff in one of the most famous clubs in Paris, it was only then that we realised we could not afford to even buy a drink.(35Euro for a bottle of beer!) So doing as us girls do best, we held our heads high and headed straight for the V.I.P section. (I mean, it’s worth a shot, right?) Fast forward half an hour to the three of us sitting in the V.I.P area drinking Grey Goose & Champagne. Yep. Definitely worth a shot.

paris 9
Looks like we had a few green drinks too..

We may have only been away for a week, but our little trip to France will always be one of my favourite trips. It’s not all about the places you travel to, but also the people. This trip has given me some memories that will last a life time.

Have you ever visited the Eiffel Tower & The Louvre? What did you think?

Rosie xo

Top Tip: Always do a quick google search for vouchers & deals for food and drink in the area! Sometimes it really does pay off!