How time flies…


I’ve officially been living in Sydney for 7months now. HOW TIME FLIES…

Originally i planned to stay for 6months au-pairing and then leave. Yeah, not so easy to do when you haven’t saved enough and you’ve made friends in the city.

These last couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind and have just flown by right in front of my eyes. I finished au pairing with the Blakes roughly a month ago, and since then have moved into a (temporary) apartment with Kyle, had my family in Australia with me, been on ‘holiday’ (yes, i know .. I basically live a holiday) and got a new job.

My mum, dad and brother came over to visit, spending about 5days in Sydney, where i was head tour guide. Then heading up to Port Douglas, about one hour north of Cairns, for some relaxation by the beach, sightseeing in the Daintree Rainforest and snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. A pretty great couple of weeks, and after nearly 10months away from home, it was so good to see my family again!

Well that’s definitely a few more adventures ticked off the bucket list!

In a couple of weeks time Sophie will be in Sydney too and I’ll be back to being head tour guide, visiting the Opera House (and the Opera bar!), seeing the Harbour Bridge, doing the Bondi to Coogee walk, seeing the koalas and kangaroos, and maybe even eating some Roo steak!

But, until Sophie arrives I’ll be keeping my head down and squeezing in as many shifts as possible in order to get those pennies together!

So now it’s come to the point where we need to decide whats next on the travel agenda. (Any suggestions will be MORE than welcome!) Do we head somewhere else in Australia? Do we go back to New Zealand? Or do we just flee completely and follow the sun?!

Obviously being on a pretty hefty budget will determine what we do next, but whatever it is, I’m just excited for a new adventure and to see somewhere else in the world.

And maybe once I actually start travelling again  you will be seeing some more posts!

For now that’s all, wish me luck with my next adventure, and I’ll keep you posted soon.

Rosie xo






4 thoughts on “How time flies…

  1. Hey! Consider walking the great ocean walk if you’re into hiking. Starts from Apollo Bay, down south from Melbourne. Not the ideal season right now, but that also means you’ll have the campsites virtually to yourself. I did it exactly a year ago, you can find some posts on my blog (which you’ve followed today, Thank you!) Every possible info is available online anyway! All the best!


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