My kiwi road trip…

So it’s been a while since my last blog and its time for you to catch up with my travels.

Christmas was spent with family in Perth, with the sun shining and a trip to the beach included. After a lovely couple of weeks in Perth relaxing, enjoying family time and having a room to myself (no hostels, yay!), I said my goodbyes and flew to Sydney for New Years Eve.


As expected with NYE in Sydney I saw the fireworks at the Harbour Bridge and celebrated in a bar located right next to the Bridge. An amazing experience and a big shout out to Joel and Lee for being my party buddies for NYE! ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿบ

A few more nights staying in Bondi on the beach, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the beautiful coastal walks and I was off on a plane again on my way to New Zealand.

I flew into Auckland, NZ, where I was greeted by Kyle and Ziggy (the car that got us all around the north of NZ). And so the kiwi road trip began.

A day spent in Auckland city and we were ready to leave and see the beautiful views NZ has to offer. From Auckland we headed over to the Coromandel driving all round the coast with plenty of pit stops to soak in the beautiful scenery on the way.

At this point I should probably mention that we actually lived out of Ziggy the car, who (with careful arrangement) managed to fit myself, Kyle, my giant rucksack, Kyle’s bag, a tent, blankets, sleeping bags, a blow up air bed, pots and cooking equipment, road snacks and plenty of beer in. Ziggy is small.


After a few nights spent round the Coromandel we set off to Waihi Beach where we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, but done a fair bit of drinking. The next stop was Tauranga where we climbed Mount Maungani and saw the most incredible views enjoying a view of all of the surrounding areas.

We then headed south to Rotorua. Now, Rotorua was great fun and has loads to see and do, but oh my does it smell! Rotorua is full of hot springs and hot mud pools resulting in a rather strong rotten egg smell. ๐Ÿ˜ท nevertheless we still enjoyed our time there visiting a hot pool and having races down the Luge with another couple we had met on our campsite.

Taupo was next on the map where we stayed for a few nights with Matt & Emma (who we met in Rotorua). We camped right next to Lake Taupo, making fires on the beach to cook our dinner on and bathing in the lake (no nearby showers). This was my idea of heaven and I could quite happily live this way by the lake for a long time!

Kyle and I also went prawn fishing in Taupo (unusual, I know). We spent a good 3hrs sitting with a bamboo fishing rod in hand waiting for Shawn the prawn to give us a nibble. 3hrs later Kyle had caught one, I was prawnless. (We then cooked the one prawn and ate him, very very small, but still delish.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By this time we had been camping for a couple of weeks so it was time to get some home comforts back. So off to Wellington we headed, staying in Kyle’s hometown Upperhutt for a couple of weeks sleeping in a normal bed again and cooking with ovens.

To conclude the north of New Zealand is a stunning place and I recommend anyone to go! Maybe some day ill visit the south too, and I’m pretty sure ill be back in north.

Now back in Sydney I am Where I have started my au pair job looking after 2 adorable kids, and living with a lovely, very welcoming family!

Anywayyyy, I think that will do for now! Until next time friends&fam.

Rosie xo



4 thoughts on “My kiwi road trip…

  1. Hello Rosie, thank you for the follow. I really like your blog! I’ve recently interviewed another travel blogger for a piece for my blog also from Sydney! I was wondering if you’d like to connect more and maybe write a guest post for Found Astray?

    – Jess


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