The story so far…

Oh hey!

So ive finally managed to get the blog i promised myself i would write up and running!

Ive been away from home in the UK for about two months so far and i already have so many stories, adventures and memories that I’ll keep forever.

I want to keep my blogs short and sweet in order not to bore people, and also because i know i wont have the time for essay writing. Although this may be slightly longer as i have plenty to catch up on.

So where have i been the last two months? What have i been doing? Where were my favourite places? Oh i shall tell you…

Leaving the UK i flew straight into Bangkok, Thailand with my friend Rebecca, had a crazy Halloween down Koh San Road, and then quickly flew straight back out and over to Vietnam.

We stayed in Vietnam on a 15day visa starting in the capital, Hanoi, travelling south down to Hue, Mui Ne and Hoian. My two favourite places in Vietnam had to be Ha Long Bay, where we went on an amazing boat trip including kayaking, seafood lunch and cave tours, and also Mui Ne where we visisted the white and red sand dunes, the fairy river and of course, the beach!
And i couldn’t forget the Vietnamese food… Nom. I think i had the best curry of my life in Hue, too many mouth watering spring rolls and plenty of the local delicacies.

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15days in Vietnam went far too quickly and next thing we know we are on our way to Cambodia. Flying into Phnom Penh where we stayed for a few days visiting the S-21 Prison and the killing fields. (Definitely a must for anyone in Phnom Penh.) This was so eye opening and educational but i must say, its not the happiest of days.
We then travelled down to Koh Rong, a small island by Cambodia that we had heard great things about. Unfortunately i got ill during my time there and saw nothing. Great. Back up to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat to see the temples and continue to be tourists.
All in all Cambodia was great but we just didnt have enough time to see everything.

Off to Thailand we went. Again into Bangkok, and straight back out over to Kanchanaburi for my Birthday, wooooop.
The Erawan Waterfalls, floating markets, Mekong River and basically a death railway. An amazingly beautiful few days and probably the best birthday ive ever had in my life!
Kanchanaburi is on the recommendation list for sure.
We then headed down south to Koh Phang Nang for The Full Moon Party (as you expect.. beer, buckets, beaches and brawls.) This unfortunately is where myself and Beccas travels together finished, and Becca returned to the UK.

I then continued on to Koh Tao, where i planned to stay for a week or so and ended up staying there until i HAD to leave for Australia. Koh Tao is a beautiful chilled out island that is definitely a must see with plenty to do.


And then it was time to leave South East Asia and head over to Australia…

Now here i am, sitting in the garden in Perth, WA, with the temperature reaching 39degrees today. A sunny Christmas is definitely in store for me in Perth, before i head over to Sydney for New Years Eve.

For now thats all, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Years!

Until 2026….. BYE!


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